Competition has never been more intense for the Clue Awards that were presented at this year’s Clue User Conference. The hybrid in-person and online event, hosted at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC, was joined by over 250 delegates representing over 70 organisations from across government, police, corporate, sport and not-for-profit organisations.

The awards which recognise organisations and individuals who have excelled in a particular aspect of the Clue journey, from onboarding to product engagement, to individual contribution were presented by Thomas Drohan, Chief Commercial Officer, and Sarah Dimond, Head of Customer Success.

Best Onboarding Project

A difficult category to shortlist because there were so many new customer onboarding projects to review. Judging criteria included relative speed of deployment, team engagement, innovative approaches, overcoming challenges, and learnings.

Runner up: Buckinghamshire Council – Counter Fraud Team – an organisation that were proactive from the very beginning, having clearly set their objectives for Clue, assembling a well-structured project team that implemented by the book.

Runner up: An international gambling regulator that cannot be named for confidentiality reasons – this organisation was engaged with the knowledge very early on and researched all that Clue could do before the onboarding project started. They were up and running with Clue in a matter of days and continue to build out their capabilities.

Winner: Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), Counter Fraud Team – every team member demonstrated real commitment to getting Clue live, fully understanding their role in the project and how Clue was going to be used, and iteratively configuring it to their working practices. The ESFA team thanked their DfE colleagues for collecting on their behalf, and for supporting them during their Clue onboarding journey.

Best Data Migration Project

Most customers need to get data into Clue, either at, or after, go-live. This award is judged on factors including managing the process, preparing data for migration, and importing data from legacy systems.

Runner up: Food Standards Scotland – worked with Clue to import intelligence data from a legacy system into Clue, really understood their data, and ensured data was cleaned prior to importing into Clue.

Runner up: Education and Skills Funding Agency, Counter Fraud Team – highly successful in ensuring data was cleaned prior to importing into Clue before going live, equipping them with all the information and attachments needed to investigate effectively.

Winner: An organisation that cannot be named for confidentiality reasons – this organisation fully understood their data, which was thoroughly cleansed prior to importing it into Clue. They adopted the golden nominal principle and processes to link entities and worked in collaboration with the Clue team to facilitate a smooth transition.

Best Product Engagement

Customers are at the heart of Clue, especially as part of the product development process to ensure the features that are built meet their needs, are prioritised correctly, and ultimately help manage investigations and build intelligence. The Clue product team are extremely fortunate to have so many users that actively participate in product development, but this did make it particularly difficult to judge this category.

Runner up: Amazon Corporate Security – an organisation with an incredible number of very engaged Clue users whose feedback considers their requirement and the bigger picture around how their functionality ideas might benefit other organisations.

Runner up: The British Council – Clue is in use across safeguarding and counter fraud globally. British Council have made a huge contribution through engagement with the Clue customer community, contributing to online events and knowledge sharing about specific sectors.

Winner: National Food Crime Unit – now in their fourth year using Clue, the NFCU uses every part of the system and fully embrace the Clue approach to customer engagement. They have been central to helping shape many key parts of Clue including Intelligence, Source management, Risk assessments, link to PND and much, much more.

Best Large-Scale Project

This category recognises projects because of the number of users, the range of user types, complexity of business processes, geographical dispersion, and multi-language considerations. Projects this year includes some astonishing achievements from customers in especially challenging environments.

Runner up: NHS Counter Fraud Authority – the NHSCFA recently introduced Clue to hundreds of independent Local Counter Fraud Specialists who are the first point of contact for fraud issues across the 200+ NHS trusts. The successful national rollout took a huge amount of planning, and an innovative approach to implementing teams in Clue.

Runner up: An organisation that cannot be named for confidentiality reasons – one of the largest and most successful projects the Clue team have been involved with. Many hundreds of users, complex workflow and business processes requiring configuration, migration from legacy system, and interfaces with the wider organisational technology stack.

Winner: Oxfam International – this ground-breaking project saw Clue deployed to 21 Oxfam affiliates around the world, across many time zones and cultures, under high public pressure and scrutiny. The project was undertaken during the height of the global Covid pandemic and was successfully delivered on time and on budget according to independent audits and reviews.

Best Individual Contributor

This was the most hotly contested and difficult to judge category. This award recognises outstanding individual contribution to the Clue community, whether through engagement with the product development processes, industry events, other Clue users, and being an ambassador for everything Clue stands for.

Tim Burnham, Immigration Enforcement – Tim has been involved in the Clue project from the beginning of the national rollout in 2019 prior to taking on the role of Clue product owner with the Immigration Enforcement, since when he has been working proactively with the Clue Team and the Home Office to increase staff engagement and support complex Clue deployments in the Home Office.

Patrick Bulley, RSPCA – Patrick is consistently one of the most engaged Clue users, whether through our digital channels, at product webinars, or at our regular business reviews. The Clue team can always rely on Patrick to give great feedback to help Clue continually improve.

Winner: Jamie Haywood, NHSCFA – Jamie works closely with the Clue product team and contributes greatly to the design of new features. Jamie is quick to adopt new features and was one of the first to see the benefits of the assessment register for areas outside of risk assessments, all whilst doing his day job.

Recognised alongside Jamie was Gary Kirchmair, formerly of the NHSCFA, and now Integrations Product Manager at Clue, Gary was pivotal in the work with Jamie on the rollout of Clue at the NHSCFA.

The Clue team are already looking forward to next year’s awards, especially because of the animated discussions many delegates were having about what they will be doing over the coming year to get on the 2022 shortlist.

The conference featured customer case studies and a panel discussion about challenges related to data quality, data standards, and data interoperability. Read about the key themes from conference.