Amazon Corporate Security Investigations
ensuring a safe workplace

Amazon Corporate Security Investigations is a global team responsible for investigating insider threats to ensure a safe workplace for more than 300,000 employees in 64 countries.


The team were using uncoordinated tools to manage investigations. They could not identify when the same person was responsible for a series of incidents, reporting was poor, workflows were duplicative, and it was very difficult to search for information about previous cases. The team could not identify geographic patterns, or readily monitor investigator caseloads. Investigators were spending too much time administering cases, rather than investigating them. They needed a tool to manage investigations, track people involved and identify trends and hotspots.


A member of the Amazon Corporate Security Investigations team said: “After a rigorous selection process, Clue was selected, and investigators universally commented about how much easier their job had become.

“Investigators universally commented about how much
easier their job had become.”


“Data is now much more accessible. Searching is effective, the quality of our reports has improved dramatically using custom report templates. Due to the ease of use and responsive customer service, we have even been able to improve our process while working remotely during the pandemic.

“Clue has allowed us to streamline our process and embed all workflow within one software, allowing for faster turnaround in processing information, sharing only relevant information with stakeholders and creating custom reports to fit their needs. We now have 46 investigators, intel analyst and support staff, around the world. Clue has been instrumental in managing this geographically dispersed workforce.

“Clue has allowed us to streamline our process and embed
all workflow within one software.”


“By listening to their customers, Clue has made improvement that continue to reflect customer needs. There is an easy process for submitting feature requests, and a responsive team willing to assist.

“Clue is flexible, all-in-one case management software that can be adapted to the way you work, and present data in ways that is impossible using manual methods. Seeing and understanding relationships between people, locations and incidents is critical to the effective investigation and mitigation of security incidents. Clue is an effective tool for managing and visualizing collected data, and can streamline your workflow at the same time. Case and Task assignment, Quality Reviews and the tracking of case dispositions can all be handled within the same application.”