Clue was selected as a finalist in the latest Accelerated Capability Environment Impact Lab with Merseyside Police, which addressed overcoming problems attributing huge amounts of mobile chat data with suspects’ real-world identities in a serious organised crime drugs network.

Gary Kirchmair, Integrations Product Manager, Clue, said: “The Clue solution focused on artificial intelligence and the possibilities of harnessing interoperability to import information into Clue to significantly reduce the lead times in investigations.

“Our solution used Microsoft Text Analytics to bring structure to the mass of unstructured data. We were able to scan the files and extract phone numbers, vehicle registration plates and much more. By focusing on entities that can only exist once, we can then automate checks without the need for human involvement and notify investigators when a link is found.

“In law enforcement it is often the case that teams will type large numbers of phone numbers into a system and maybe find one or two matches. By using text analytics, we can change the dynamic so that the end user is focused on the small number of positive matches not the vast majority of numbers that don’t match. As well as saving search time, we can save even more time by automating administration.”

“Embracing systems interoperability presents technology companies and investigators with significant opportunities”

Clare Elford, CEO Clue, commented: “Embracing systems interoperability presents technology companies and investigators with significant opportunities to unlock the power of increasing volumes of investigation data. By working together, we can develop technology solutions to help investigators progress investigations faster and achieve successful case outcomes.

“We are looking forward to the next instalment of our collaboration with ACE which contributes to our continual product development to provide our customers with an increasingly powerful intelligence and investigation case management platform.

“By working on the ACE economic crime campaign in partnership with other members of the ACE community including City of London Police, Lloyds Bank, and other technology companies, Clue is contributing to the aim to reduce the impact of economic crime through public and private partnership.

“Clue is contributing to the aim to reduce the impact of economic crime through public and private partnership.”

“A software concept was created to enable police forces to investigate a common type of fraud more effectively. The concept was developed into a video to showcase to police and policymakers. In the next phase of the campaign, we will work with other members of the ACE community to turn the concept from a video into a working solution that will help investigators combat fraud.”

Watch the ACE economic crime campaign video

About ACE

The Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) is a Home Office capability within the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) that solves fast-changing digital and technological challenges facing law enforcement and national security agencies.

It brings together expertise from industry and academia to innovate collaboratively and deliver front-line mission impact at pace. It has successfully delivered solutions in fields such as online child sexual abuse and exploitation, counterterrorism, the insider threat in critical national infrastructure, cybercrime, and border security.

Impact Lab brings industry, academia, and police together to solve real operational tech and data challenges using the very latest expertise and capabilities.

The ACE Economic Crime Campaign objective is to coordinate a better understanding of the challenges and activities across government and the private sector delivering the government economic crime plan but not limited by it, so that industry can proactively address these problems through their products or services, identify opportunities to help or recommend changes to the approach or policy.

Participation in the model office does not mean ACE, Home Office or other participants’ endorsement of any products shown.