The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is an executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, and works on behalf of the Scottish Government and Welsh Government. APHA work to safeguard animal and plant health for the benefit of people, the environment, and the economy.

Agency becomes more intelligence led

The Intelligence Unit, said: “APHA has been using Clue since 2018, prior to which intelligence was managed using spreadsheets. The transition to Clue was brilliant. It was really easy. You transferred everything from the spreadsheets into Clue for us, and we were up and running.

“The efficiency gains have been immense.”

“Clue has enabled us to produce analytical products. The efficiency gains have been immense. The bimonthly tactical assessments we are able to produce using Clue have really helped investigations. Clue has enabled the agency to become more intelligence led and to look at our priorities allocate resources where they are needed.

“Clue has been invaluable to APHA. For ease of use, the ability to configure Clue to our specific needs, and the ability to search it’s excellent. The customer service is brilliant. I can’t recommend Clue enough.”

“The customer service is brilliant. I can’t recommend Clue enough.”

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