We held our sports integrity seminar yesterday at Twickenham Stadium, with the theme: “Common challenges, integrated responses”

There was representation from a wide range of sports, including tennis, cricket, football, rugby, snooker, esports, golf, darts, horse racing and athletics.  Those in attendance had responsibilities for a wide range of investigations – including match fixing, corruption, ticket touting, counter terrorism, doping, bribery, safeguarding, hate crime, and discipline in sport.

Key themes of the event included:

  • Opportunities and threats involved in sharing data.  The technology is available but there is also the practical side of deciding what to share, what agreements need to be in place to do it and building trust between disclosing parties.
  • Investigators are dealing with increasing amounts of data and need the technology to help them manage that data, assess risk effectively and proactively identify threats
  • The importance of collaboration between sports – the criminals that target sport often don’t limit themselves to a single sport, to an integrity violation type, or a region.  Indeed, they often don’t limit themselves to just sport.  They move quickly to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Collaborating with law enforcement.  Sport integrity bodies know the police are stretched. We discussed strategies for engaging credibly with law enforcement across multiple jurisdictions and different cultures.
  • The importance of using technology in the field, securely and in real time

Delegates heard how the threat to the integrity of sport can range in scope from an isolated individual at one extreme, to state sponsored cheating on an industrialised scale, but the challenges and issues remain similar.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come along, for being so open and contributing to an extremely engaging session. And a special thank you to our speakers and panellists:

  • Sir Mark Rowley, Non-Executive Director, Quest
  • Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO, Sports Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA)
  • Phil Suddick, Information and Intelligence Manager, Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU)
  • Martin Dubbey, Managing Director, Harod Associates
  • Nick Raudenski, Integrity Officer, Anti-Match Fixing Unit, UEFA
  • Stuart Tennant, Legal Counsel, Rugby Football Union
  • Ian Smith, Commissioner, Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)

Each provided a unique insight into the world of sports integrity.

We have learnt so much and not least how the important role that technology can play in overcoming the challenges of maintaining integrity in sport. These sessions are a vital part of helping us to shape our product road-map and make sure that Clue is the right tool for investigators.