Interoperable technology is key to unlocking the potential of AI to help fight crime. AI doesn’t work without timely access to police data, which too often sits in silos.

To explore what can be done to solve the problem Clare Elford, Managing Director, Clue, chaired a panel discussion at the Emergency Services Show in the Future Policing Theatre entitled ‘Interoperability, Unlocking the power of police data’ featuring James Ellis, Digital Delivery Team Inspector, Metropolitan Police, Brendan Johnston, National Standards Lead, Police Digital Service, and Kevin McDonald, Managing Director, Panoptech.

James Ellis spoke about how critical it is that systems can talk to each other, and when they don’t, officers can miss critical information, or spend time re-keying and duplicating the same information into multiple systems. The consequences of this can be fatal.

Brendan Johnston shared insights about progress into the work he is leading within Police Digital Service on national standards. The techuk interoperability working group is raising awareness and senior level support within policing.

But progress needs to happen faster.

But progress needs to happen faster. Can the sector gain the momentum needed itself? Can procurement practices break the cycle of policing systems that don’t talk to each other? Or does there need to be more mandating of standards for interoperability?

The panel didn’t find an answer to those questions today but shared lots of interesting views and insights into such an important topic.

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