Microsoft Excel Connector

With the Microsoft Excel Connector, Clue users can make use of the features in Excel with the data used in Clue.

Depending on how you are analysing information, Excel may store information to your local file store and within your organisation’s Microsoft 365 environment.

Complete to request connector

Clue will provide you with the functionality required to connect Excel to Clue. This function is considered experimental and is not supported by Clue. You are responsible for ensuring the performance and accuracy of the function. You may reuse and alter the function to your needs. This Service is provided free of charge and you acknowledge and agree that your use of the Service is subject to fair usage rules. This means that you must not use the Service excessively. If your use of the Service exceeds what we reasonably consider to be fair usage, we may make a reasonable charge for your use of the Service that exceeds fair usage and/or suspend or terminate your use of the Service. We will try to give you notice before we charge you or suspend or terminate your use of the Service so that you can remedy the excessive use.