Three UK Protecting the business and its customers

Three UK is a connectivity company that connects people to people, people to things and things to things and has 9.5 million customers. The Fraud Team’s responsibilities include identifying fraudulent activity, finding opportunities to mitigate and disrupt it, and pursuing offenders through the courts.

With fraud a growing threat across all industries and with fraudsters methods constantly evolving, the team needed a new system to provide visibility of caseloads, priorities and progress that was an intelligence driven platform to enable easy linking between investigations.


A member of the Fraud Team said: “Having reviewed a number of different solutions, we chose Clue because it offered us the best of everything we were looking for, from a company with a great reputation and without it being prohibitively expensive.

“Clue offers great flexibility in enabling the right people to see what work is being done and by whom, whilst also allowing sensitive material to be restricted, it has a strong search functionality that makes it easy to link together entities in investigations.

“We aren’t just buying software, we’re buying a service that
includes a relationship and a conversation about what we need”


“Clue is constantly looking to grow and develop to meet user requirements, making it very attractive to want to work with the company – we aren’t just buying software, we’re buying a service that includes a relationship and a conversation about what we need and how Clue can support that.

The transition has been smooth and has already shown benefit. Using Clue gives us improved structure, transparency and linking of investigations, as well as efficient prioritisation and workload management.

“We have built a bespoke report that enables us to swiftly extract and submit management information and have created a one-stop shop for our investigators, saving time and reducing risk.

“The fraudsters we are up against are forever adapting as technology changes and improves, making the frauds more complex and harder to track. Clue helps us link incidents together, to create more complex, linked investigations.

“Clue is an intelligence and case management system that enables the building of an investigation from an initial incident through to a completed investigation. Alongside this it also offers MI, work and case load management and risk assessment opportunities.”

“A one-stop-shop for our investigators, saving time and reducing risk”