Criminal justice agencies using Clue can now feed data to a UK Government national database following a successful collaboration between Clue and Datalynx Limited, a provider of data services to the UK Government.

A law enforcement agency adopted the Clue intelligence and investigation case management platform for reasons including Clue’s interoperability strategy that enables customers to connect to internal and external systems using the Clue API.

Clue customers with technical resource can use the API to create their own connections. However, in this case the Clue team configured the API to enable other customers to feed data from their instance of Clue to the national database and easily specify the criteria used to determine which data is sent.

“Delivered beyond the requirements”

Graham Naismith, Datalynx Limited said: “Clue Computing have put together a highly configurable and flexible extract for a national government database to an excellent standard. The extract is consistent across all their clients and, moreover, allows data to be excluded and included without the need for re-coding.

“We put it through significant checks, and it stood firm. Right from the outset we found Clue to be intelligent, resourceful, and always asking the right questions. They delivered beyond the requirements and always sought to do the right thing.”

“Always sought to do the right thing”

Clare Elford, Managing Director, Clue said: “Interoperability is fundamental to Clue. Investigators and intelligence officers need to work with increasingly diverse data sets and often spend significant amounts of time processing data that could be spent investigating cases or developing intelligence.

“The Clue API enables organisations to connect their instance of Clue to their internal and external systems to eliminate laborious processes and focus on higher value tasks. We provide the support customers need to ensure they can access and share data and reports within their organisation and with external organisations they collaborate with.”

“Interoperability is fundamental to Clue”

About Datalynx

Datalynx is a trusted partner to the UK public sector, providing data migration and integration services for highly secure applications. Datalynx support all types of projects including critical national infrastructure projects with specialist data management services.

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